May 5, 2016

Survey Time: Tell Us What You Think About This Blog

Brought to you by the Montana History Revealed Administrators

The last several months have brought many changes to Montana History Revealed.  New administers came on board. The Topics in Montana History series started.  We made the decision to include more posts giving a “behind the scenes” look at the work we do here at the Montana Historical Society. In adiditon, we were asked as part of an examination into the social media strategy of the Historical Society to revisit what the main purpose, audience, and goals of this blog are. That’s when we realized that we don’t really know who is reading this blog and why.
After checking Google Analytics we discovered that Montanans, who we thought were the vast majority of our audience, only accounted for 40% of readers.  This led us to wonder what other assumptions we were making.  The result is a short 10 question survey asking a little about you and your interactions with this blog.

There are three questions asking about you: where you live (city, state, country), your age (by age range) and whether you're male or female.  The next six questions ask about your interaction with the blog, and the last question provides you an opportunity to provide any additional feedback. The survey is completely anonymous. The purpose of the survey is purely to help us understand how our readers are interacting with our blog.

Please click here and take our survey.  Thank you for your time and participation.

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