March 17, 2016

EXTRA! Montana Newspaper Stories 1864-1922: Bison Recovery and Protection

As early as the 1830s, explorers in the American West began to predict the eventual extermination of bison (B. b. bison). In time, conservationists, including wild game hunters, sought legislation to protect bison herds. Ranchers like Michel Pablo and Charles Allard also attempted to save the wild bison. Some herds were relocated to Canada, while others migrated to Yellowstone National Park.

Key dates

1872—In an effort to protect the herds, the territorial legislature establishes an annual bison-hunting season, running from February to mid-August.
1874—The U.S. Congress passes HR921, which prohibited the "useless slaughter" of bison within U.S. territories. President Grant refuses to sign the bill.
1894—The National Park Protective Act imposes penalties for poaching in national parks.
1895–1901—Montana counties appoint game wardens to enforce hunting laws.
1909—More than 18,000 acres on the Flathead Indian Reservation in northwestern Montana are designated The National Bison Range.

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Written by Catherine W. Ockey