February 16, 2010

"The Green Mile"

All archives stacks look alike - or do they?  Though our archives boxes look just like the rest, our green floor is somewhat distinctive - or at least we think so!

For this first post for our new blog I thought sharing a few scenes from our archives stacks would be a good way to introduce the theme of the Montana History Revealed blog.  Archivists are sometimes accused of squirreling away vast amounts of historical documents that are difficult for the public to access.  We hope to use this venue to not only provide numerous "peeks" behind-the-scenes, but also to demonstrate how open and available is Montana's history at the MHS Research Center.
While our stacks are physically very full of materials of all sorts, it is the routinely amazing history that is revealed in the documents, maps, ledgers, architectural drawings, photographs, and many other items that brings people from all over the world to the MHS Research Center.

The main tool used to locate bits of Montana history in our collections is our on-line catalog.  A huge majority of our archives materials are represented in catalog records searchable through the catalog.  It is the best place to start in your own quest to reveal Montana's history.

Please stay tuned for many regular - and irregular - blog posts that will highlight specific details of Montana's exciting history evident in our archives, library, and photographic collections.


  1. Welcome to blogging research staff!

  2. Ah, this looks good. Much thanks for the photos. However, that link to the on-line catalog goes to a "session timed out" message, then to a user ID and password login. So, how do those who read this blog get access to that catalog?

  3. Bill, Thanks for reporting that link problem. I believe I've fixed it (fingers crossed). We all appreciate your interest in the work we do and in Montana's history!

  4. Thanks very much for the blog, we'll look forward to new posts here in Butte. I've posted a link for our patrons here at the public library.